January 25, 2018 Agenda


January 25, 2018 

1:30 p.m. -2:30 p.m. 

Pueblo Room, Clark County Government Center, First Floor 

500 S. Grand Central Pwky., Las Vegas, NV 89155 

Chair: Greg Blackburn, Assistant City Manager, City of Henderson

Vice Chair: Brady Dehn


I) Recap of Drowning Prevention Activities: All 

II) Drowning Statistics Update: SNHD 

III) Treasurer’s Report: 

IV) Today’s Meeting 

V) Roundtable: All 

VI) Next Meeting: February 22, 2018 



I) What has everyone been up to? 

II) April Pools Day 

III) SNCDPC Website: 

 Need to rebuild on new platform 

 Will need assistance with this project 

IV) Board update 

October 26, 2017 Meeting Minutes


 Meeting Minutes


 Date & Time: October 26, 2017 – 1:30-2:30 p.m. 

Meeting Location: Clark County Government Center, Pueblo Room – 500 S. Grand Central Parkway, Las Vegas, NV 89155 


Gregory Blackburn, Chair, ACM (COH) Jaime Estrada, Spanish press liaison 

Baldemar Gonzalez, Building Inspector (CNLV) Jessica Johnson, Health Educator II (SNHD) 

Joe Locatelli, Government Affairs Director (GLVAR) Matthew Manning, Product Safety Investigator (USCPSC) 

Aubrey Rinella, SNCDPC Secretary/Admin. Assistant (COH) Gerri Schroder, City Councilwoman (COH) 

Mickey Sprott, Program Supervisor (CC) 


I. Recap of Drowning Prevention Activities: All 

 Clark County – Handed out drowning prevention materials at the Renaissance Faire 

 CLV – National Night Out went really well. 

 CNLV – the Coalition needs a new representative from the City of North Las Vegas. Councilwoman Schroder has reached out to Councilman Barron, who cannot attend meetings. We need to look into Skype or webcasting capabilities in Pueblo conference room. 


II. Drowning Statistics Update: SNHD 

 2017 - Pediatric Submersion Incidents in Clark County, as of 10/18/2017: 

 Total number of submersion incidents in 0-14 year age group: 55

 By this date last year, we had 48 pediatric submersion incidents reported 

 Incidents among four years old & younger: 40/55 (73%) 

 By this date last year, 42/48 or 88% of incidents were among children aged four or younger 

 Water type known for 55/55 (100%) reports 

 Submersion in pools only: 47/55 (85%) 

□ Public pools: 24/55 (44% of known pool incidents) 

□ Residential pools: 23/55 (42% of known pool incidents) 

Meeting Minutes



□ Bathtubs: 7/55 (13% of known submersions) 

□ Hot tub/spa: 0/55 (0% of known submersions) 

□ Bucket: 1/55 (2%) 

□ Environmental body of water: 0/55 (0% of known submersions) 

□ Unknown: 0/55 (0%) 

 Number of fatal drownings confirmed by death certificate: 7 

 Race/ethnicity was reported on 53/53 (100%) submersion incidents 

□ Black – 20/55 (36%) 

□ Hispanic - 15/55 (27%) 

□ White - 12/55 (22%) 

□ Unknown - 6/55 (11%) 

□ Asian/Pacific Islander – 2/55 (4%) 


From Healthy Southern Nevada (healthysouthernnevada.org) 

Race for Clark County: 

 White: 57.2% 

 African American: 11.3% 

 Hispanic: 31.1% 

 Native American: 0.08% 

 Asian/PI: 10.05%/0.73% = 10.8% 


Age Statistics: 

 0-4 years old: 6.3% 

 0-14: 19.4% 


*All incidents are reported as ‘non-fatal’ until receipt of a death certificate with drowning as cause of death. 

III. Treasurer’s Report: 

 The Coalition currently has $16,996.75 in funds. 

 David Goldstein let us know that the SNCDPC will receive another $5,000.00 from the SNICC in April of 2018. 

 Entities that receive the grant funds from SNICC, please be sure to report all use of funds to David as soon as possible (numbers on materials used, numbers on swim lessons that used funds, and stats at beginning and end of the season). 


IV. Next Meeting Date and Time: 

Meeting Minutes



 The Coalition’s next meeting will be held on January 25, 2018, from 1:30-2:30pm, at the Clark County Government Center, in the Pueblo room. 



1. Board Nominations 

 We have a list of nominations (Aubrey read to the group – see attached) 

 Aubrey mentioned the groups that she and Gerri reached out to: Cowabunga Bay, LVMPD, Boulder City, Urban Chamber of Commerce 

 Board member acceptance: Aubrey will send out emails to those that were nominated, formally seeking their acceptance. Please look for this to deny/accept. 

2. Media Campaign – End of summer recap by Jessica (April to August 2017) 

 The Coalition handed out: 

□ 13,000 half-sheets 

□ 4,275 pledges 

□ 1,700 lanyards 

□ 3,300 Water Watcher tags in English 

□ 1,700 Water Watcher tags in Spanish 

 For Media outreach, the campaign saw: 

□ 53% of target population reached with T.V. 

□ 999,000 impressions online 

□ There was a media presence on Pandora, Facebook, T.V., and with a PSA 

□ There was a full-page ad in the LVRJ reaching approximately 313,000 impressions 

□ Online outreach was 1.7 million impressions 

3. Website: 

 Tom Martens is working on this with DreamHost. They have not been effective at protecting or properly housing our website. Aubrey would like to rebuild the website on a different platform. 

 Options mentioned at meeting: GoDaddy, SquareSpace and search engine optimization. 

 If you have any questions, please email Aubrey at Aubrey.Rinella@cityofhenderson.com for now. 

4. Roundtable: 

 Joe Locatelli would like to get the GLAVAR logo on the half-sheets so that he can hand them out with house sales or showings. 

Meeting Minutes



 April Pools Day – we should alert the 2018 entity now so that they can start preparing and get started now. 



 Entities should reach out to Neighborhood Services to have HOA’s hand out materials to communities with pools. 

 We need a new representative from the City of North Las Vegas to attend meetings. 

 We should reach out to groups like Boulder City, Lake Las Vegas, and Lake Mead, among others, to find representatives. 

 We should reach out to local attorneys and CPA’s to see if they are interested in joining. 

 Aubrey is creating a spreadsheet of SNICC grant fund usage for all entities. She needs numbers from all entities. Then she will post to website and send to David Goldstein. 

 We need to update the bylaws so that we can pass and make motions during meetings. 

 We can assist Mindy by making lists of the supplies that we use this year so that we know how much material we will need next year. It will give us a basic yearly estimate. 

 Update website. 

 Ask Tim for info on Facebook page updates (who does them…). 

 Create list of media points and options with dates. 

 Need to fill position of Public Information Officer/Social Media Specialist. 

 Request spare examples of barriers/pool fences, USCG approved life saving devices, and CPR classes in the area for when the SNCDPC attends events. 

Meeting Minutes


SNCDPC Board Member Nominations

Date: October 24, 2017 


 City of Henderson – Councilwoman Gerri Schroder 

 Clark County – Commissioner Susan Brager 

 City of North Las Vegas – Councilman Isaac Barron 

 City of Las Vegas – Councilwoman Lois Tarkanian 

 Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors – Joe Locatelli 


Board Members

 Kathryn Barker (SNHD) 

 Gregory Blackburn (Chair) 

 Erin Clark (City of Las Vegas) – accepted nomination 10/26 by email 

 Brady Dehn (Vice Chair) 

 Katie Eubanks (Clark County) 

 Baldemar Gonzalez (City of North Las Vegas) 

 Thomas Martens (City of North Las Vegas) 

 Perry Mendivil (City of Henderson) 

 Aubrey Rinella (City of Henderson) 

 Tim Szymanski (City of Las Vegas) 

 Brenda Thompson (Clark County) 

 Deborah Williams (SNHD) 

 Richard Winter (City of Henderson) 

 Mickey Sprott (Clark County) – accepted nomination 10/26 by email 

 Jaime Estrada (Spanish Press) 

 Daniel Johnson (Latin Chamber of Commerce) 


*It was recommended that we reach out to Boulder City, Cowabunga Bay, Wet N’ Wild, Lake Mead, and Metro PD for Board members as well*